Sealed / Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery Charging

Maintenance free battery

Maintenance free motorcycle battery charging method.
Sealed/maintenance free (also know as dry cell) batteries normally have have black cases and a plastic strip to cover the 6 filling holes in the top of the battery.
Unlike conventional batteries, once these batteries have been filled and the cap is placed in the top, the battery is ‘sealed for life’ and doesn’t need to be removed or the acid levels monitored or topped up.
The batteries usually start with the code YTX, CTX, GTX, DTX or ETX (e.g. YTX9-BS, CTX12-BS etc). Continue reading

Conventional / Lead Acid Motorcycle Battery Charging

lead acid battery

Charging method for both 6v and 12v conventional motorcycle batteries.
Conventional/lead acid (also know as wet or flooded cell) batteries normally have opaque, semi see through sides and a row of removable plastic stoppers in the top (usually yellow or red in colour, there will be 6 stoppers in the top of a 12 volt battery and 3 stoppers in the top of a 6 volt battery).
The batteries usually start with the code YB, CB, GB, DB, EB (e.g. YB9-B, CB9-B etc), 12N or 6N (e.g. 12N24-3 or 6N6-3B).

1) The 1st step for lead acid motorcycle battery charging is to remove the packing & yellow stoppers from the top of the battery. Remove the cap from the end of the breather nipple located at the top on the side of the battery.
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