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The White Dog Guides are created, published and maintained by White Dog Motorcycle Accessories.
Established in mid 2003 and based in Halesworth, Suffolk, UK, White Dog Motorcycle Accessories and Breakers are mail order suppliers of a wide range of motorbike products from such makes as Oxford, Silkolene, Nitro, Akito, Unibat, Autoglym, Luma and much more. We also offer a wide range of scooter and motorbike used spares from bikes we have dismantled for parts.
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White Dog Motorcycle Accessories and all it’s subsidiaries accept no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any information contained within this website or any of the websites it links to. We accept no responsibility or liability for any injuries caused as a result of any information contained in or supplied by this website.If you are in any doubt or you are not confident in the job you are undertaking, please consult a professional mechanic or engineer before undertaking any work on your vehicle.

The nice folks at White Dog Motorcycle Accessories have created these guides as a free source of information, but if you really don’t know the difference between an 8mm spanner and a mig welder, you might be better off getting your local garage to pump up your tyres for you!

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2 thoughts on “About Us…..”

  1. I wonder do you know the formal term for the flat little white covers that go on a 12v 7ah battery, that insulate the terminals from short circuit when in transit?
    I keep losing mine, and require to source them online for replacement. However searches in ebay for…
    …etc have not sourced the items

    1. You could try searching something like ‘terminal covers’ or ‘battery terminal covers’?

      To be honest I’ve never seen these sold separately, I’ve only seen them on new batteries. You could try contacting the battery manufacturer or a stockist to see if they have any (failing that you could cover them with electric tape?)

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